LA 👌
whocoolerthanthis said: Were u at east bloc last night?

Where’s that bro

consularchris said: Who did you piss off to receive this type of harassment? You had to have made someone angry in order for them to put so much effort into slandering you. It's either that or these people really are just resentful, lifeless, losers.

No one they are just fools

cashedbowlscashedhearts said: you are incredibly dreamy

Thanks ☺️

Anonymous said: Get snapchattt!!!


beautifulgangsturr said: So damn beautifullllll

Thank you

Anonymous said: Just letting you know that you're amazingly perfect and you and Nicole deserve to be happy together! 😘

Thank you so much 😊




Anonymous said: Awww everyone knows Nicole's your queen so why they starting this stupid shit to make yall angry? Anons need a life 💯💯💯


Anonymous said: I know you don't skate in ends but it would be a miracle if I saw u in like blue square or even just skating thru ladywell park *__*

I do skate around there

thatciaobella said: Yay!!! Was just on my timeline and I saw that you and Nicole are back together! I'm so happy for real I remember when y'all took a break I knew that y'all would find your way back... Man fuck these haters they mad because they want your girl and your happiness just keep doing you!

Thank you and I will

Anonymous said: U have a beautiful accent! :-)

Thank you