Anonymous said: cool blog dude. besides all the annoying anon asks.

Thank you man

Anonymous said: was you out last night I swear I saw you with someone lol not gonna say who but was it you

I was at skating so shut the fuck up and don’t try that shit you prick

Anonymous said: When the last time you took Nicole out for a meal and told her to get ready that you'll pick her up? Have you ever done something like that for her? Or surprised her in any way ? Or are you not that type of guy? What do you do to keep her happy ?

How do you lot keep on coming to me I don’t like talking to Anon’s fuck off



Anonymous said: Why? Secret?

Just why would you need to know

Anonymous said: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? And whats coming next in your career?

I would not tell you

Anonymous said: Fully exposing the fact you got stopped by Feds at carnival on the TL. He's still mad salty that you got Nicole lol when she was always yours he need to chill this is flames

Lool he’s a funny guy no time for him

Anonymous said: Shannon went round carnival sayin you keep calling her lol

Then she a fool lool anyways you guys still go on about her I don’t want to know her name haha


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